Whether you are looking to buy baby toys for your newborn or are planning a birthday or Christmas gift, it is important that you pick out something that will help your child’s brain develop. The right toys can help them learn important skills such as hand-eye coordination, balance and problem-solving. They also help them have fun and develop an interest in learning new things.

Stacking Games

Stacking is an essential skill for your baby to develop as it helps them build their hand-eye coordination, improves manual dexterity, and enhances their fine motor skills. This wooden board includes 20 pieces and lets babies stack octagon, square, rectangles and triangle shapes.


Puzzles challenge your baby’s imagination and encourage them to think about a problem while they solve it. They help them build problem-solving skills, and they also increase their awareness of the world around them.


Rhythm is an important part of early childhood development, and playing music with your baby is a great way to stimulate their senses. Babies enjoy listening to music and learning about the different instruments that play.


The look-at-me activity in this baby toy is a good way to get your infant’s eyesight up and develop visual focus and tracking as they watch their reflection move back and forth. The changing face and expressions will also make your baby aware of themselves and help them understand what it means to be their own.

Permanence Toys

In the early months of life, babies are curious about objects that disappear and reappear, which is called object permanence. This can be a challenging concept to understand, but by playing peek-a-boo and letting your baby “peek” at the things in the box, they will become familiar with this idea, says Dr. Chamorro, who is an associate professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

Toys with holes are great for this kind of play, because your baby can drop a ball in the hole and then watch it disappear. Adding a noise to the toy can add to their enjoyment, too.

Squeaky Toys

Squeaky toys are a great way to stimulate your baby’s hearing and touch sensitivity. They can also be used to encourage hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor development, oral stimulation, and tactile exploration.

Wearable Rattles

These adorable wrist and ankle rattles are an excellent choice for your infant’s sensory stimulation. The rattles have colorful crinkling ladybug, butterfly and spider attachments that are sure to capture your baby’s attention and engage their sense of touch.

They also help to strengthen their fine and gross motor skills as they raise their arms and legs, kick, and crawl.

It is a safe, non-toxic toy that has been tested by ASTM for safety and quality. It is an excellent addition to any baby’s toy box and is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment!