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My name is Daniella and I work at Escorts in York. I am originally from Sweden but I have lived in the UK most of my life. In fact I was born in York. I have travelled to many parts of the world and have always held my standards high and am a very selective woman when it comes to men. That is why I decided to join the exclusive Escorts in York club as an adult lady.

escorts York

I love the idea that I am working as an adult woman and that I am chosen for a special job. It gives me a sense of power and control over my own life. This is probably why I have always held my standards high and am so picky about who I choose to meet. I think this is one of the main reasons I am happy in my role as an Escorts in York – I get to meet amazing men and have exciting adventures with them. Of course having a tanned fit body is a big bonus!

When I first started out as an escort in York, I decided to sign up with the largest and most popular escorts gallery in the UK. I chose to join because this was where I felt I would have the best chance of meeting gorgeous men. And I was right as there is nothing better than the thought of being picked out to be the perfect companion for a client. When I met Daniella, who is a beautiful blonde Yorkshire girl, I knew I had found my perfect match.

The majority of the women that work in the escorts gallery in York are stunningly beautiful. But what makes them even more stunning is that most of them offer incredible services that I enjoy every single day. There is nothing better than going for a massage and being told that the perfect head turner anywhere in the world can be had just a couple of days away from home. This is why I love working from this list gallery because these girls are only interested in one thing – servicing their customers and giving them the very best massages they can.

So I am extremely excited to share the news that I have been hired by this very special Escorts agency. I will begin my job as a York escort by serving clients on my current head turner, April, until my next exciting assignment for the company. It is truly an honour to represent this incredible company and I look forward to adding many more great people to this growing family. The girls at this agency have a passion for their work and are always looking for new and exciting adventures for their clients. They also keep on training themselves to offer the most exciting and unique sexual experiences to any client they serve.

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