Fun with duo escorts

There were three in the bed and then one said ‘oh, isn’t this fun’. Those of you who have had the fun of having three of you in bed. Will know exactly how much fun it can be. Those of the men out there who have been to bed, with two women in it. Understand just how much fun it is having two women in bed with you. For some people, two of you in bed is just not enough. The same old monotony of just you and your partner loses its spark somehow. That is why duo escorts have become more popular in recent times. The truth is, that most people enjoy being with two women instead of one.

Recently, there has been more interest than ever for duo escorts. Most must admit that being in bed with two women is a primitive fantasy. Not many men can honestly, hand on heart, say that they have never fantasised about having two women. This fantasy would explain why so many people book duo escorts. It is a very popular service for men.

The question to be asked, is what is it about two woman it that is so appealing?.

Double the fun

The answer is simple, one woman on her own can only do so much. Have one pair of hands run over your body is no where near as good as having two pairs. When there are four hands caressing multiple erogenous zones at once. It can make the sensations even more so enhanced. One mouth on its own will get you going. But two mouths…wow. Being kissed deeply and sensually on the mouth. Whilst there is a warm tongue and tender lips around your manhood is a sensation all on its own. Honestly guys, if you have never tried it. You really should give it a go. It is something you will never forget.

If the thought of watching a stunning redhead escort get it on with a sultry brunette. Right in front of you. Makes you long with desire. Then you are in need of a duo service! The ideas are endless when considering what to do with two escorts. You could have your tongue flicking one escort between her legs. Whilst the other buries you deep inside her. Just the sheer thought of these scenarios is enough to get most men going. It sounds like a sexual ambrosia.

The chance to fulfil a sexual fantasy

Unfortunately, not many men get the chance to fulfil their sexual fantasy. Of being involved in a threesome. So many men dream of doing it at least once in their lives. However, it is not one of those situations that we tend to find ourselves in. How do we approach our current partners. Asking them to jump into bed with another woman. So we can get turned on even more so? We worry that our partner would become jealous. Or, it might cause an argument and risk our relationship breaking down. If we you are lucky. Your partner might be open minded enough to give it a go. But then the problems arise of what other female do you trust enough do introduce into your bed. What if you partner is only saying yes to please you? You will then be left with an awkward situation both during and after. The simple way to get around all of this. Is to book a duo escort from you local agency. An agency like ours who has professional escorts. Who are all experienced in threesomes. These escorts can help to ensure that your time together is nothing less than spectacular. Never, when using a professional escort. Will there be any uncomfortable moments. The girls will have worked together in the past. So they are already comfortable with each other. These girls are the kind that adore a bit of girl on girl action.

As with all services. Booking an escort, even duo escorts. Provides you with an unlimited amount of possibilities. You can choose to book a dominant duo. Which, to be honest, is the usual duo booking. Men tend to find that when with two women. They like to take on the more submissive role. It is easier and more enjoyable to lie back and be dominated. The confidence of two strong charactered escorts. Working together seamlessly to ensure your enjoyment should be savoured. The irresistible confidence of two stunning women. Whose sole aim is to turn you on. Is not something that every person possesses.

You can make your duo escort booking by checking on the website, To see which girls work together. However, it might just be simpler to contact the call desk. And ask which combination of escorts is available. For a duo escort experience.

The best escorts

As with all of our bookings. We like to make sure that the client is given a memorable experience. For this reason, the best girls to book are the ones who are well and truly committed. To working alongside another escort. You can choose any combination of escorts for your night. Of unadulterated passion. Maybe a contrast in skin colours is something that you have always fancied seeing. Or, it could well be that you fancy the combination of a mature escort with a young escort. This combination is one of the clients’ most favourite. The mature escort brings with her experience Whilst the younger girl provides a freshness of almost naivety.

Another great thing of being able to choose two women. Is the fact that you can combine any look. To give you the perfect combination of what you fancy. For example. Maybe you are attracted to tall brunettes normally. Yet, secretly, you have also wanted to be with a buxom blonde. The amazing thing about threesomes with escorts. Is that you can choose that exact combination. You can let your imagination go wild with just about everything. With the combination of looks. Also, with the amount of fun you can get up to. Alternatively, you can choose a duo of escorts that look similar. They can be of the same look and preference that you normally go for.

Relax and go with the flow

Now, if you are struggling for ideas as to how to fully enjoy. Your experience with a duo escort. Then just go with the flow. Do not forget, that these escorts know what they are doing. It might be your first threesome. But it will not be theirs. They can guide, encourage you in how to have the most. Exhilarating time together. All of the girls who are duo escorts at our exquisite escorts agency. Are bona fide bisexual escorts. If they were not, it would not make for an exciting or satisfying experience. As they are bisexual escorts, they are comfortable with touching. And carrying out sexual acts on other women. This is handy, because when you first get into bed. With duo escorts. They normally warm things up by getting started on each other. They will put on an intimate sexual show. That will be for your eyes only. This will help to make you feel relaxed in the situation. Things can then get as hot and steamy as you like. You can choose to be as involved as you like. If initially, you find yourself shy and slightly embarrassed or intimidated. By having two hot and horn women touching each other in front of you. You can choose to just watch. They will encourage you to join in. but you will never be forced into carrying out anything that will make you feel uncomfortable. The whole idea of duo escorts is to enjoy yourself in a way. Like you have never before. Our escorts are concerned with their clients’ pleasure at all times. To put it simply. If you are not satisfied, then neither are they. It is their number one priority. They will encourage you to join in with them. However, they will not force you.

You know that butterfly feeling in your stomach. That you get when you are nervous or excited. Well, this feeling will probably get you just before the appointment. It might surprise you to know. That the escorts also get this same feeling. Especially when they are meeting new clients. So, you can feel slightly more at ease knowing that you are not the only nervous person in the trio. Thankfully for the client. The girls only work with other escorts who they have a chemistry with. This helps them to relax which in turn, helps you to feel at ease.

It is fairly easy to find out which of the girls work with who. You should be able to see who they duo with. In their profile. If nothing is mentioned then they possibly do not do it. The easy way to find out is to call the agency. If you call for information. You will be given it with no obligation to book. In your own time, you can peruse the profiles of the girls. To make sure you have the perfect combination for you.